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Circles in the Sand

Another step, another offering from the same vessel of meaning. Sometimes it is necessary to risk redundancy to show more than one side of the same face of circumstance. So this will be again a journey of reflection into the … Continue reading

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How Old is the Earth?

The moon is 4.527 Billion years old. This title was found in Swiss newspapers on November 25, 2005. A research team from the Universities of Munster, Cologne and Oxford are claimed to have found the most precise method of determining … Continue reading

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Summer English Classes in Ukraine

My summer English classes in Ukraine. (July 2005) Many people, including my family, couldn’t understand why I had to fly to Ukraine on an extensive missions assignment (i.e. English teaching and assisting in the kids’ camp) last summer. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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(Graphic courtesy of I’ve often thought it absolutely incredible how so many facts that people and organizations work so hard to keep secret end up either in the news or as common knowledge. It seems that the harder people … Continue reading

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Sunday School Ministry

It’s always a joy to serve the Lord through the Sunday School ministry. I just love to be with kids, and I count it a big blessing every time I’m called to assist any of the Bible teachers in our … Continue reading

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Christian Books from Tsaba House

Tsaba House titles.(Source: A grumpy, middle-aged Swiss man from La Poste rang our doorbell one morning last week, bearing gifts packed in a medium-sized brown box that was securely fastened by Scotch tape of the sturdy kind. It made … Continue reading

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Windows to the Soul

(Graphic courtesy of My wife and I just came from an outing to a local street market fair. Everyone once and a while we love to stroll passed the booths and look for bargains and interesting items they have … Continue reading

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