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There was this show on television years ago, which feature events that were truly amazing. It was aptly named for being a program featuring what is really amazing. In life there are moments when things do happen that totally stupefy … Continue reading

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36 Christian Ways of Reducing Stress

I’d like to share here with you a very nice piece I received via e-mail way back in June 2005 (I don’t know who wrote it). I was clearing the paper clutter in our bedroom this afternoon when I stumbled … Continue reading

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Source of Peace

Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord; that walketh in His ways . . . Happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. PSALMS 128:1,2 WE think it a gallant thing, to be fluttering up to … Continue reading

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Christians, Why Jump on the Global Warming Bandwagon Now?

Evangelical Christians join the global warming bandwagon. This is what happened early this year in the U.S. No need to give links. A lot has been discussed about global warming, or as the U.S. President calls it politically correct, about … Continue reading

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The Season of Life!

Spring! Everyone loves this season – the season of new beginnings for many. Flowers are abloom for us to behold. Some people are busy with their gardening, while others are deep into their spring cleaning, beginning with their dirty glass … Continue reading

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My ‘New Toy’: A Nikon D200

I’ve got a new toy. *big grin* For more than a year, I’ve been window shopping (while salivating) for the Nikon D200. Now, I finally have one. Hallelujah! Truly God has been good to me. One reason why I love … Continue reading

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The Child Warrior

The Warrior is a Child by Gospel singer Twila Paris is one of my favorite Christian songs. It really speaks to my heart. Some people think I’m always on top of things on the spiritual front, being a Bible-believing Christian … Continue reading

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