Free Christian magazine

I’ve been receiving copies of The Good News magazine since last year (I signed up for a free subscription online). So far, I’ve been satisfied with its content.

The GN editorial staff presents world news in the light of the Bible (this is important to me) and features helpful articles on Christian living, providing practical solutions to the challenges individuals and families face alike.

And yes, this magazine is delivered to your doorstep for free. In these times of economic crisis, it seems to me like a great deal.

Anyway, I received a letter from the GN people today. Part of it reads:

We’d like to continue sharing The Good News with you, but we need to be sure you want to continue to receive it. Soon your last issue will be posted to you, and then…no more.

…You can keep The Good News coming for another two years — FREE. Simply return the card in the envelope we’ve supplied.

It’s fairly an easy decision to make. Surely, I don’t like to miss out on future issues packed with information as well as insights. So, YES, I’d like to renew my Good News subscription. I’ll mail the confirmation card pronto.

If you’d like to receive your own copy of The Good News magazine, click here for more details.

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