The Equation

1 Timothy 1

People have forgotten this equation and have concentrated on selfish gain with everything being about themselves instead of being about God and about others.

But because of God’s immense and immeasurable mercy and grace, people are not condemned or sentenced to damnation. Instead they are given another chance. Just like the apostle Paul. And he sets himself as an example for this particular topic or aspect of ministry.

If you want to show authentic love you first need to have a pure heart. Don’t worry, God already sees our pure heart when we ask for His forgiveness every time we do wrong. Second, we need a clear conscience. This is somehow tied up with having a pure heart. Once Jesus Christ forgives our sins, He also takes away the guilt. Third, we need to have genuine faith. This means putting our total trust in God. It is believing that He will do what He says He will do.


Pure heart + clear conscience + genuine faith

= LOVE (for God and others)

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